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Catch up.

So let’s catch up.  Here I am on a blessed day off work fighting the urge to sit on the sofa and watch last night’s Bake Off with a packet of bourbon biscuits and my pyjamas on.  That is my default setting and anything I achieve in life comes whilst fighting this urge.

My husband ( who will be referred to as Hubby ) is working today on a 12 hour shift as a Paramedic.  We do the same job which certainly has it’s advantages when you are cream crackered, jet lagged after nights, working on Christmas day and have come home covered in bodily fluids with tales to tell and confessions of sneaking to Gregg’s.  I have some shifts that coincide with Hubby and some shifts that do not.  Hubby is a quiet chap with a cheeky sense of humour, a penchant for man gadgets and is my world.

We live in a seaside town in a three bedroom semi that is kept in fairly good order and have Hubby’s 17 year old and 13 year old son to stay with us during holidays.  The rest of the time it is just the two of us, causing a massive contrast between a busy, messy house with teenagers to entertain and feed and a quiet, less demanding time for two or just me.

My best friends include a Primary school teacher ( also approaching forty and childless mainly because of an early divorce and Mr Right only just having come along we think), a fitness instructor living with her boyfriend and crazy mutt, several Mum’s, and of course the guys from work, all ages, both sexes and in various stages of life and order.

A shout goes out to my Mum and Dad, currently Dolphin watching in the Highlands of Scotland who live in Oxford but have a flat right here who are my cheering squad and support.

This would not be complete without mentioning dear Sally and Bob, dear friends in the USA I met on Pinterest a few years ago who have become as close as family.  Daily emails and photos have drawn us into a unique friendship.  We are meeting up during a visit to the States for the first time next year.

Days off find me ( after getting the jobs done) running on my own or with friend and mad Mutt, ( not iron man ready or anything impressive, a few Km and home for a cuppa),  walking in the fabulous countyside where I live, kayaking with hubby ( again not impressive, on the sea on calm, sunny days ), playing the piano ( again not impressive, a theme forming?  A bit of Mozart with terrible fingering, or Billy Joel), or sat on my butt with my Kindle or magazine.

Of yes and of course work.  For the last eleven years I have been a Paramedic.  Before that I was a Primary School teacher of 6 year olds which probably had something to do with the name of this blog.  I now work on a Rapid Response Vehicle on my own to save lives, or make tea and chat to lonely pensioners, counsel , care and generally do what I can for anyone who needs me……or actually doesn’t need me but got desperate due to some other failing in the NHS and social care.  I do 12 hour shifts, days and nights.

No, I have no children of my own and no desire to. I am shriveling as we catch up.  This is not a blog to judge anyone or decide how anyone else should live.  This is a blog to let you know how I live, day to day.  Many of us cannot, do not wish to, or have had and lost children.  We can still make a valid contribution to our families and society.  My life is fulfilled and happy, I hope yours is too whether you have children or not.



8 thoughts on “Catch up.

  1. I don’t have children either. By choice. I never wanted them. At 55 I’m still good with my choice. Like you, I’m married to a man that had two children in a previous short lived marriage. I’m looking forward to more posts.

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