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Like minded friendship and Mad Mutt.

Join me for a run with my friend, known here as Bodger and her mad mutt Iffy.  Today, as usual on our weekly catch up we are trail running in the country park at a speed allowing Bodger, ( a fitness instructor and general fit lady, bubbly personality, hair to match ) to comfortably chat away.  I join in on the downhills but the uphills are Bodger’s time to rant about the latest issues, gossip about people we know and fill me in on life in general.  To be found on the path near us is Iffy, a rescue Sproodle ( or maybe Cockerpoo we are not quite sure ), who is neurotic, somewhere on the spectrum and the light of Bodger’s life.

Bodger and I have many things in common apart from age and untamable hair.  Bodger has also been in a secure relationship with her boyfriend for many years and has no wish to ever have children.  You could not meet a kinder, more outgoing, confident person but Bodger like me just does not get it.  The desire to have children never knocked on the door and Bodger is a happy person as a result of that.  Always busy, with a book out, website and blog about jam making, fitness classes to take, run’s to have, friends to support and look after and of course mad Mutt to keep happy and in order there is hardly a spare hour in the day.

Here is Bodger’s website where you will find her blog.  She is an inspiration.

Bodger’s partner works away from home so she is not reliant on a man for day to day support and is fiercely independent and self reliant.  She battles an illness which can make her exhausted and has never felt the need to inflict that on anyone else.

As we run round the park, with the sea breeze, dodging the cattle, we cannot help but agree that we are healthy, happy, fulfilled ladies and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  At that point Iffy sticks his head in a cow pat and we are distracted washing it off with the hose pipe at the visitor centre whilst apologising to passers by and reminiscing about when he stuck his head in a pot of white paint and had to have it all cut out, or the sticky burrs in the rain from the day before.  Iffy is certainly a tie for Bodger.  He cannot be left alone for more than a few hours and suffers anxiety when left in the company of others for very long.  He is Bodger’s world and provides a balance of love, nurture, responsibiltity and entertainment without the massive all encompassing task of bringing up a child.  Bodger would want no more and no less and Iffy fits into her life perfectly.

Hubby and I cannot have an Iffy as long shifts would be a cruel life for a sociable dog.  However, there is no doubt that our lives are enriched by the presence of Iffy. Hopefully retirement will change this.  Childless folk can find their happiness though loving their family, friends and pets.

As Bodger will be the first to point out, we get together for these runs to be healthy and confident ladies.  I find I feel energised by her and Iffy, energised by the run and smug to keep my body in shape and have confidence in how I look.  I feel empowered in the bedroom and at ease at work that I can physically do my job.  This all helps me to feel happy.  At no point have I ever felt that anything is missing or wanting in my life.  I have never felt that I have no role to play and nothing to give.  Bodger would agree and as we end the run with the downhill stretch towards shower and lunch we know that we have like minded people in our lives who have the same interests as ourselves and that makes us happy.




4 thoughts on “Like minded friendship and Mad Mutt.

  1. Great writing style loverly chatty and easy going just like you. Definitely needs a link to your fitness tracker as that will totally motivate you on”can’t be arsed days”! Iffy as always is proud to take centre stage anything rather than be left at home! When’s our next run?

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