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Girl Gadgets


I am not one to be overloaded with technology and I am certainly not to be found all over Facebook ranting about my latest misfortune.  However, there are a few items I have discovered that make my life easier.  They provide a bit of a style statement about who I am, entertain me with much needed comedy and give me relaxation in my life.  Here are my top three girl gadgets to keep us ladies on track.


My ‘go to’ girl gadget in times of stress is my Kindle Paperwhite.  Full of books of old to re-read, a wish list to explore and always a current book to continue, this is how I shut the world out.  A bit like the ipod introduced us to carrying around our entire CD collection that had for years been defining our shelves in our houses, I can now carry around a shelf full of books.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love books,  especially hardback books with pictures and photos that I want to smell, touch and hold. However, when I just want a quick fix,  there is a world I can immerse myself in when I am sitting waiting for an appointment, on the bus or better still after a bath, in my pyjamas.  Sporting a pretty, polka dot cover, it is never far behind me.

Hygge is a Danish word, hard to define as there is no direct translation, loosely meaning coziness, togetherness and well-being.  It is a feeling of candles, warm food, being with your family and contentment.  OK, maybe reading my kindle could be seen as antisocial but cuddling up with my kindle next to hubby on the sofa under a cozy blanket, in fleecy pyjamas, woolly socks, with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows is on the right lines to the feeling of Hygge.

On my Kindle you will find fantasy books such as One Hundred Cupboards by N.D.Wilson, ( perfect if you like Harry Potter type reading ), chick lit for a bit of light relief and romance such as I Found You by Lisa Jewell and many crime thrillers to make me feel a bit more normal.  The Girl on the Train would be the obvious choice but I would like to draw your attention to authors such as Dorothy Koomson for a more subtle, intriguing read.

Winter Hygge or summer in the garden, boring queues at the bank and five minutes on my break mean my Kindle is a year round girl gadget for instant escape.

Fitbit Flex


A small band of funky colours on your wrist.  What could be a better sign to the world that I am bothered about my health and having an active lifestyle?  Not going as far as the expensive trackers that would set me up for training for something impressive and mark me out as a serious contender for an iron man, this tells the world that I am bothered……but not that bothered.

I like to keep tabs on getting a good night’s sleep, walking over ten thousand steps a day and having a couple of workouts a week or a run.  Accountability on the bright, clear dashboard on the Fitbit App is motivating and makes me feel smug.  You can also record calories, glasses of water and weight if you need to.  Not something I include but the options are there.

This gets me out of Hygge and into the world even on cold, windy days, puts colour in my cheeks and a boot up my arse.  Not just a phase either, I have had it for a year.



The obvious choice of course but here are my favourite feel good uses.

Pinterest has been making me smile for a couple of years now.  It is really a magazine of images of loves and passions.  Hayley, my friend, describes my homepage as if you shook out my head and ordered all the images this is what you would get.  From recipe and craft ideas to a pointless look at my favourite perfumes what is not to love?  The convenience on my phone of being able to click a button anywhere on the go and immerse myself in people’s photos of the Maldives is instantly gratifying.

I am all about texting ( peppered with emoji’s of course ), whatsapping and emailing.   My dear friend in the USA emails daily, even if it is just funny photos and a quick joke.  Being from the USA she also has to put up with UK spelling which can be different to the USA.  Apologies to US readers, yes we do spell colour and favourite like this.  Face timing my dear parents whose faces light up when they see me even if it is with no make up and wet hair is one of my most delightful times.  I keep in touch with Hubby through tough days at work ( I am a Paramedic ) when a bit of support and understanding is needed, to tell him I miss him and look forward to seeing him.

I often hear people ask ‘how did we ever get by without smartphones’?  We got by pretty well I seem to remember, growing up in the UK in the 1980s.  For the main though my phone is my lifeline to the people I care about and love.  I arrange to meet people in an instant and keep close to those I can’t see as distance stops us.

All in All.

So there you go folks.  Yes our gadgetry sometimes gets a bad wrap from distracting us from the moment but I reckon it also can enhance the moment.

What is your favourite gadget?


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