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Coping with the ups and downs…


Roller coasters are good for you.  I decided this a while ago on a ten day holiday I was lucky enough to go on to Orlando, with my husband and his two boys, aged 13 and 17.  As we whizzed round on Manta at Seaworld, whilst trying not to scream obscenities, I came to the conclusion that this was, in fact good for us all.  We had overcome our fear, had a shared experience and most importantly had a good laugh together.  I released that I had though about nothing else but the task in hand ( of surviving the next few minutes with my breakfast intact) and had not paid heed to my job, grocery shopping, bills or any other drudgery.

Now, I understand that dangling upside down at 90 miles and hour might be a bit much for some of you and that is fair enough.  We had just as much fun staying the right way up on the Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney ( a dash though mine train country with nothing but a few ups and downs and jerks), or getting soaked on the log ride at Thorpe Park in our country  (UK), last summer.  The principle was the same.  We were seemingly doing something logically a bit ridiculous.  Why would you pay good money to throw yourself off a huge tower to have a bucket of water chucked over you at the bottom?  Because it is funny, that is why.  Because it is stupid and it takes your mind of whatever it was that you were stressing over an hour ago.  Because you can all feel brave together and laugh at who got the biggest drenching and most importantly because you are making shared memories together.


I have never missed out on a good day at a theme park or a fair because I do not have children of my own.  All you need is a like minded nutter or two to come along.  That might be your husband, friends or extended family.  Hubby and I have had many a great day out at a theme park just the two of us.  We have witnessed upset children in the queue being dragged on a ride that was too big for them and they knew it, because their parent was desperate to ride.  We always have a rule that if you don’t fancy something then there is no pressure.

There is nothing quite like the exhilaration, the buzz and the stomach in your mouth and fear that comes from a big thrill ride.  I love it all from the hopping about nervously in the queue to the sitting down and the restraints coming down, knowing that you cannot get off followed by the lift hill where you wonder what on earth you were thinking.  Thank you guys for getting me on Sheikra at Busch Gardens.  I would be writing this on a grey day in England forever regretting bottling out if you had not encouraged me.  Instead, we ran round three times in a row as there was no queue.  I might be forty and you might be teenagers but why not?

So hear is my message folks.  Take a risk.  You are never to old to conquer your fears, especially if there is a bit of fun involved.  Throw caution to the wind and make those memories with your nearest and dearest.  We can all benefit from a good laugh from time to time and if you hate it then it is only two minutes out of your life.

Happy riding!

Tell me your favourite coasters in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Coping with the ups and downs…

  1. I absolutely love theme park rides. There’s one I love at Alton Towers that drops you into nothing (Oblivion, I think it’s called). When I was seventeen I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach out of season and just rode on the upside-down loopy one for about an hour, with a friend. I couldn’t stop getting on and off it. There was that nasty accident in recent times (at Alton Towers) but I think I’ll still be getting on these rides when I’m old: I too love everything about it.

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    1. I love Oblivion at Alton Towers and Air. We also had a great day at Blackpool. It reminds me of great days out with friends and family. I hope I am still riding when I am old. My friend in her 70s still goes on them! The accident at Alton Towers was horrific and I feel for the victims but it will not stop me. We are visiting my friend in her 70s this year in the USA and going to Hershey Park so she can show me how it is done! Thank you so much for your comment and memories. Happy times!

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