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Five  ways to enjoy winter…..inspired by the Danes.

Christmas has been and gone and our New Year’s resolutions are blowing away with the ever increasing breeze.  Yet shorts and T-shirts are still an age away.  So, how are we going to get through the next couple of months?  By taking a leaf from the Danes book of Hygge.  We will be fine.  Not only will we be fine but we might actually enjoy it.  Here are my five tips for getting through with a smile on our face.   Hygge, in essence is a state of coziness, embracing the winter with good company, walks in the fresh air and being comfortable and content at home.  It is pronounced hoo-ga but I like to thing of it as huggy time!

1. Getting out and about.

It would be tempting to just hole up until April but getting out will make the other four ideas much more enjoyable.  For this to be in any way positive the first thing you need is the right clothes.  Freezing cold and blowing a hoolie – massive coat, gloves, scarf, hat and boots needed.  Pouring down and windy – waterproof coat, waterproof trousers and wellies.  As my Dad used to say,  there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes.  I am not sure I would go that far but you will appreciate the cosying inside all the more after a walk.

Whether you like running or walking get yourself some fresh air preferably somewhere natural.  Woods take on a beautiful atmosphere in the winter, lakes and rivers still look amazing in watery sunshine.  The car parks will be empty and the roads less busy to get there.  You may even have your chosen place to yourself.  Take a friend or go it alone for some space and peace.

Now you have had fresh air and exercise you can enjoy the other ideas without any sense of feeling lazy or guilty.

2.  Getting snuggly, some you time.

I shall set the scene.  The fire is lit, you are in your favourite chair with a nice, soft blanket.  You have next to you a table lamp and under it is a hot chocolate with marshmallows in.  You have a book on your lap and nowhere to be and nothing to do for the next hour.  Outside it is raining and you do not have to feel bad as you got some exercise earlier.  Enjoy!

2.  Enjoying time with others.

Nothing is more companionable or warming as the music nights at our local pub.  Once a month the fire is lit and people turn up for acoustic night with their guitars and other instruments.  People come with their families and take it in turns to play a tune.  Any genre goes from folk to blues to pop.  You can play a song you wrote, one you played last time or a new one.  No one cares if you go wrong.  I go to listen but hubby takes his guitar and has overcome his nerves in this friendly place.  There are all types from squeeze boxing Dorset yokels with their sea shanties to teenagers and everyone inbetween.   The atmosphere is supportive and friendly and the cider is cold and fizzy.  I love it.

3.  Cooking and having a sort out.

I don’t know about you but on those days when I want to be busy but it is too cold and miserable to go anywhere it makes me feel good to cook a nice meal for my family.  It is good to take a bit of time and prepare something with a bit more effort than a post work bung together.  I batch cook and freeze meals for work lunches and feel nicely smug at getting ahead.  I recently made my killer chocolate slice and sat putting the world to rights with my friends over cups of tea.

If you are doing better than me with New Year’s resolutions substitute chocolate slice for homemade, healthy soup here.

I had a clear out of my wardrobe and a trip to the charity shop. The kitchen cupboards are pending.  A day off work when it is too wet to go out need not feel like a waste of time.

4. Pampering

No encouragement needed here for me!  Any excuse to have a nice relaxing bath with my Lush bath bombs.  Creams, potions, masks, anything goes.  It takes effort to have nice skin in the winter so treat it to some moisturising cream after a good scrub.  Do your toe nails and make yourself feel and smell heavenly.  Extend your love to your other half with a nice back masssge and who knows what else…….

5. Hobbies and crafts.

Lately I have been enjoying adult colouring books as unfortunately I did not inherit my Mum’s ability to draw.  This way I can come up with something half decent.  I find it almost hypnotic and I find my mind clears.  I play the piano and my husband paints and plays guitar.  I often do not feel like doing these things so much in summer, preferring to stay outside.  Mum makes greetings cards and does jigsaws.  I made a latch hook rug for a Christening of a teddy bear.  I love having time and space to come up with something I can be proud of.

So there you go folks.  Embrace the winter and take some advice from the Danes.  Make winter special and it will soon be spring. Happy Hyyge and happy hugging!


6 thoughts on “Five  ways to enjoy winter…..inspired by the Danes.

  1. I LOVE this and you have inspired me. I bundled up this morning and went for a short walk before lunch. Wind blowing, eyes watering, nose running! But by the time I was home I was quite warm. The only problem hon is that I wish my bathroom looked as inviting as your picture. It is gorgeous! xx


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