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Work and the need to nurture.

I have been in the Ambulance Service for 12 years now.  Having done a stint on a normal front line ambulance for a few years attending emergency calls, I now work on my own on a rapid response car.  This brings with it obvious stresses and strains.  I have been sworn at and attacked by… Continue reading Work and the need to nurture.

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Piano, parents and promises.

Today finds me looking back on a wonderful weekend with that feeling of ‘did that really happen?  Did we actually get to do that?’ This weekend I went to an event that you could say is one of the key elements that defines who I am.  As a child I played an old, wooden upright… Continue reading Piano, parents and promises.

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Like minded friendship and Mad Mutt.

Join me for a run with my friend, known here as Bodger and her mad mutt Iffy.  Today, as usual on our weekly catch up we are trail running in the country park at a speed allowing Bodger, ( a fitness instructor and general fit lady, bubbly personality, hair to match ) to comfortably chat… Continue reading Like minded friendship and Mad Mutt.